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Use flightmate.com.au to find cheap flights for your next trip

flightmate.com.au is a flight ticket price comparison web site that helps you search for cheap flights to worldwide destinations. It’s free, it’s easy and it lets you plan your next trip by comparing the flight ticket prices of thousands of travel agents and airlines. Remember that flightmate.com.au does not sell flight tickets or holidays, but we do help you to find the best and cheapest deals for your trip. You book your flight ticket with the travel agent or airline that offers you the best deal.

How does flightmate.com.au work?

Thousands of travel agents and airlines are signed up to our service. Being contracted to us, they have certain obligations, for example which payment service or services they can use and what type of customer services they offer. We operate price comparison services in eight countries, across which millions of searches and booking are logged every month. We aim to provide you with cheap flight tickets and, at the same time, work exclusively with suppliers to meet our high standards.

Why should you trust us?

Thousands of travel agents and airlines supply flightmate.com.au with flight ticket price and availability information and they are contracted to us regarding the payment methods they are allowed to use and the requirements we have of their customer services, for them to be connected to flightmate.com.au. We operate price comparison services in eight countries and our users perform millions of searches and bookings every month. Our goal is to help you find the cheapest flight ticket possible and work only with suppliers who meet our high standards.

How are prices set?

When you search for flight tickets at flightmate.com.au our suppliers receive a request from us for price and availability of your search criteria. This request is answered within seconds because it goes out to thousands of our suppliers and all of them have to answer simultaneously to your unique request. The price and availability response that appears on your screen must be bookable at the time you made the search.

Supply and demand, as well as the dynamic pricing system that is used for pricing flight tickets means that prices can fluctuate greatly. On occasion flight tickets and trip are sold during the booking process and may disappear.

Flight tickets – cheapest time to buy

As a rule it is impossible to say and prices fluctuate between the airlines and routes depending on season and time. And, due to dynamic pricing, flight ticket prices fluctuate because of demand and supply.

In general terms it is best to book your flight tickets as early as you can to get the cheapest price. Millions of searches are logged on our price comparison sites every month and we make these available to our users. We are frequently asked why prices can rise in just a matter of hours between searches. Prices can actually rise much faster than that. The main reason for this is that other users also know that the price is cheap and when many start to book at that price, the price rises.

With prices fluctuating so much how do I find bargains?

Make a habit of planning your trips on flightmate.com.au. Plan and search using our advanced functions to find the cheapest flights and best trips available. Start by searching for a flight ticket and then use our filter and functions such as Price cutter and Price calendar to find the best flights and cheapest flight tickets. If the price is still more than you want to pay use the PriceAlert and when the price matches your price criteria you get an email alert. And if you want to share your great deals with family and friends use our social sharing functions so that you can all book at the lowest possible price.

  • Use flightmate.com.au to find cheap flights for your next trip
  • How does flightmate.com.au work?
  • Why should you trust us?
  • How are prices set?
  • Flight tickets – cheapest time to buy
  • With prices fluctuating so much how do I find bargains?